Wednesday, June 25, 2008


April 2008
"Really appreciate your professional working style. Your training is helping me much, not only in work, but also in daily life."
(Truong Ngoc Tri)


January 2008
"Thank you very much for your enthusiastic training methods. I feel I can safely speak for all when I say the training was both enjoyable and extremely informative."
(Katherine Fleming)


October 2007
"Thank you very much for your detailed feedback which is very much instructional and it encouraged me a lot."
(Bei Betty Hu)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mexico City

October 2007
"Thanks very much for your comments, your support and many thanks for the best trainer that I have in my professional life!"
(Idalia Laso)


September 2007

"I can say that this training was the best one I´ve ever had and it taught me so many things to apply not only during a presentation but also during my daily job."

(Erika Urbina)

"Regarding using the knowledge in real life, on the Friday just after the training, I had a meeting about withholding taxes in Brazil and had to explain a change on the procedure.
I used the white board, using different colors to each step, wrote on the flipchart, then attached summaries on the pin board! Everyone said the explanations and the tools were great!"

(Patricia Moura)

"I would like to thank you and to congratulate you for the way you have conducted our training in Santos."

(Rafael Benito Dias)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


August 2007
"I learned so much which was very useful and helpful not only in my future training and presentation, but also applicable in our daily life, i.e. to respect, to observe, to ask why..."
(Man Wah Chan)


July 2007